FMI/CMAA Survey of Owners Shows State of Construction Staffing

Nancy Anderson
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Presented at this year’s Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) National Conference and Trade Show are the results of their 11th Annual Survey of Owners, and the results are... well...

Produced in conjunction with FMI -- management consultancy and investment banking provider to the industry -- the report states that of the 300 respondents, around half of them reported significant reduction in their staff, and they don’t believe that’s going to change any time soon. Approximately one-fifth of all respondents reported staffing cuts approaching twenty percent over the last two years.

What’s interesting about the report is how they plan to proceed with reduced staffing, or to increase staffing when they’re able to: Staff retention beyond reirement, part-time employees, and re-hiring of retirees. Many are looking to other strategies like hiring more junior (and therefore less expensive) employees, making greater use of consultants, and headhunting from competitors.

Heartening, though, is that over half of the employers that responded to the survey expect to resume hiring before 2013.

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