• Receiving Lead

    Giant Eagle, Inc.Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    Job #1429794082

    • Experience Required: 6 months to 1 year; Desire to become a Non-Union Team Leader.

    • Experience Desired: Customer Service Experience; 1 to 2 years of shipping and/or receiving experience preferred.

    • Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

    • Certification or Licensing Preferred: DSD Certification

    • Lifting Requirement: Up to 50 pounds

    • Age Requirement: At least 18 years of age

    Job Responsibilities

    • Actively support a culture of safety which includes, but is not limited to, food safety, Team Member safety and customer safety.

    • Always conduct business with a clear understanding that customer service is a significant point of difference for our Company. Every interaction, whether with an internal or external customer, is to be conducted with the highest degree of integrity and with an understanding that the end result is to deliver service in an unparalleled manner.

    • Receive and process all DSD vendor and third-party deliveries and returns according to established procedures and company standards, maintaining all documentation necessary.

    • Maintain a clean an organized and clutter free backroom/receiving area operation.

    • Maintain a safe/secure environment in the receiving area by exceeding the health and OSHA requirements by adhering to the company's prescribed safety methods.

    • Ensure that DSD vendors follow the established company standards, with regards to accuracy, safety and security; and that all third party deliveries (UPS, FedEx, etc.) are received according to the established DSD procedures.

    • Conduct vendor spot checks on all items received through DSD process, and maintain proper signature logs for DSD vendors/deliveries.

    • Ensure that respective departments are notified of perishable deliveries in a timely fashion in order to ensure maintenance of cold chain.

    • Maintain proper documentation and reporting for any and all pricing discrepancies, unauthorized/damaged product, and vendor compliance violations with occur with DSD vendors or products.

    • Manage immediate area outside of receiving room to ensure that there are no obstructions to the receiving of deliveries in an efficient time and manner.

    • Maintain necessary equipment for receiving purposes (power jacks, DEX, DSD system) perform regular checks and maintenance and promptly report any problems for correction/repairs.

    • Make bales by operating paper baler.

    • Dispose of trash by using automatic compactor.

    • Organize flats/backroom for evening crew.

    Giant Eagle, Inc. is pleased to be an equal employment employer: Women/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.

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